From Martina with love, gratitude, and excitement:

Dear Transformational Entrepreneur,

Welcome to Star Brand Studio – Your First Class Ticket To High Paying Clients And Top Media Coverage!

This is Martina Zorc, Star Brand Studio’s Founder & CEO, and I’m so excited for you, because by visiting this website, you’ve just taken the first step towards a profitable, meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling business future!

You’re in the right place if you want to uplevel your brand – or create one from scratch – so you can finally attract, enroll and keep (more of) your ideal clients that are able, willing and eager to invest in themselves through your business; watch your income soar, and see many more lives changed because of your message and unique mix of expertise, skills and talents.

Star Brand Studio will help you fully monetize your brilliance, make a much bigger difference in the world, and grow at a faster pace and more effortlessly than ever before. By learning how to unveil, own and communicate the value of what you do, you’ll gain the self-confidence to stand in your power with money, inspire your audience, and become a thought-leader, go-to expert and role model in your field.

We’re on a mission to help one million entrepreneurs across the globe experience abundance, financially and spiritually, time-, freedom- and lifestyle-wise, so they can share their good fortune with their communities, lead by example, and make the Earth a happier, more peaceful and supportive place to live and create – one where each one of us can fully express themselves and shine.

Through irresistible branding, copy, systems, strategy and leverage, Star Brand Studio shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to effectively stand out in the crowded, noisy marketplace, and finally shift from struggling to thriving.

An ambassador of excellence, efficiency and memorable experiences,
Star Brand Studio stands for…
a fun and creative holistic approach to branding
believing in our clients’ potential and holding the vision for their ultimate success even when they can’t see it yet for themselves
designing superstar businesses that adapt to any lifestyle, and flourish in any economy

Everything began in 2009, when – inspired by two publishing seminars in NYC that introduced me to the fascinating and transformational universe of business coaching, self-publishing and information marketing – I left my lawyer’s job with hardly any business knowledge, no contacts, no savings, and in the middle of the economic downturn, just full of optimism, enthusiasm, and determination to start my own soulful, impactful and profitable online business.

It’s been a incredible journey ever since; a journey of learning, connecting, teaching, and growing on a daily basis, starting with literally nothing, encountering and overcoming debt, disenchentment and lack of clarity along the way, to finally ending up on the fast track to success, with the best business mentor at my side, the billionaire and philantropist Anne McKevitt, with a transformational company that I adore and that truly serves our clients in a profound, life-changing way, and with two new exciting and 100% inspiring brands to be launched in the near future.

Here’s the Star Brand’s MANIFESTO you can download (right-click on the title & save) – and print as a poster for ongoing inspiration – to discover if we share the same values, attitude and wavelength aka
if we’re a fantastic fit to work together.

Life + Business = A Wonderful Adventure.
Good fortune is flowing in.

It’s about time we all reach for the stars.

I hope to see you apply for a complimentary Star Brand Makeover Strategy Session, so I can get to know you better, and explore how Star Brand Studio can help you skyrocket your dreams, and make them happen very, very soon!

Have a spectacular day,

What you may not know about Martina (yet):

…is a Money Breakthrough Method Certified Coach licensed by Kendall Summerhawk
…is certified in Kendall Summerhawk’s Niche Breakthrough Secrets
…has a background in Law, and a Masters of Laws (LL.M) in Law & Economics (which is all about efficiency)
…speaks 10 languages
…collaborates with her local university as a researcher and teacher
…is working on completing her Ph.D dissertation on the development of the international outer space law in the third millenium
…is about to launch Frontier Space Law, a space commerce law consulting business + a science fiction series called Like an Alien
…loves harmony in relationships, and has been told to have a “gift for peacemaking”
…has been described by others as exceptionally intelligent, positive, uplifting, considerate, and a “bridge between the left and the right brain”
…has a life purpose of a “high-profile passionate spiritual teacher with a heart-centred message for a large audience” (according to scientific hand analysis)